It's Time to Start Your Adventures

Tehri is a place with limitless chances to have fun and entertainment and this place would enthrall every adventure lover. Though it is known as the land of God, tourists from all over the world find it as a great spot for indulging in many breathtaking activities in water as well as on land.

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Why Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventures provide a wide range of physical and mental benefits. For starters, they promote aerobic capacity, cardiovascular health, and muscular strength, just like the gym right? well…yes, but, with more oxygenation, stunning landscapes to feast on and natural light (both which actually enhance eyesight!), and more. Exposure to sunlight is paramount for vitamin D absorption which is directly related to bone health and fights off diseases that range from osteoporosis to cancer.

Tehri,uttarakhand is one of the best Location for Outdoor Adventure in India.

6 reasons why outdoor activities are good for you

What You Get

Trying something new, challenging and arduous is the dream of every adventure enthusiast. From trekking, wildlife safari, skiing to hot air ballooning etc., the plethora of adventure activities in uttarakhand, India keeps on challenging the daredevils. you will find countless activities that not only excels one to the world of valor but also prompt adrenaline rush.

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