Water sports

Tehri Lake Water Sports

Tehri lake is all about water and fun for water lovers. Sunbather always make an excuse to dive into the water. The hot summer season and beautiful lake obviously call for some interesting water sports in Tehri. We have a list of water activities for all the water lovers that are so much fun to do. Seawater is always an attraction for its lovers. They always get curious when they come near the sea and eagerly want to know about the life of aquatic creatures. In our water sports package, you get to do many activities like: jet skiing, banana ride, water skiing, jet attack, swimming, Kayaking etc. We provide all Water Sports Activity in tehri lake at most affordable prices.

Water Sports Open Time in Tehri lake

Water sports activities in tehri lake start at around 8 – 8.30 am in the morning and end around 6 pm in the evening. The best time for enjoying water rides is from April to October summer session. However, travelers, who do not visit tehri, Uttarakhand during this period, they can still enjoy water sports activities in the river, Please Call on Phone No: +91 9675016605 to book water activities near tehri dam.
  • We also Provide Breakfast/Lunch/Diner On Advance booking in tehri lake.
  • On advance booking of any ride, Customers Will Get 10 % discounts.
  • Tehri Dam view and free Eco park koti visit.
Jet Skiing​ tehri lake

Jet Speed

300 Rs @Round @Person

banana ride tehri lake

Banana Ride

30min - 500 Rs. @Person

Jet Skiing

900 Rs @Round @ Person

Zet Atteck​ in tehri lake

Zet Atteck

1500 Rs. 20-min, @Person

Surfing & Kneebourding​

Surfing & Kneebourding

5 Attempted 3 Round 900 Rs.@Person

Swimming in Tehri lake​

Swimming in Tehri lake

100 Rs - 30 min. @Person

Parasailing​ in tehri


2500 Rs @Round @Person

Zorbing Ball

300 Rs - 15 min. @Person

Rock Climbing & Rappeling

300 Rs. @Person

Best Boating in Tehri Lake

Motor Boating tehri lake

Motor Boating

30 min- 300Rs, 1hr- 500Rs. @Person

Jet Speed Boating​ in tehri

Jet Speed Boating

20 min- 1000Rs, @Person

Speed boating tehri

Speed Boating

10 min - 500Rs, 20 min - 1000Rs. @Person

Chappu Boat Ride ​

Chappu Boat Ride

150 Rs. @Person

Pandal Boat Ride​ tehri

Pedal Boat Ride

150Rs. @Person

Sakira Boat Ride​

Shikara Boat Ride

400Rs. @Person, 30 min